The overall purpose

Taking into account the teachers’ documented teaching needs, this professional development programme by the Hellenic Adult Education Association (HAEA) aims primarily at promoting the participants’ reflective and critical thinking skills through the use of innovative materials and techniques.

Aims and Objectives
In particular, the Programme aims at helping teachers of English broaden their horizons and expand their knowledge and competences with regard to:

  • a) teaching English with an awareness of the implications of globalisation as far as English language use is concerned,

  • b) the ways in which New Technologies and, most importantly, the Internet, can be effectively employed in English language teaching and learning in our times,

  • c) teaching English with an awareness of the role of the language as a global lingua franca and modifying teaching and learning practices according to the particular needs of one’s learners.

Furthermore, the Programme includes methods and techniques related to Life Long Learning and Adult Education, providing insights into the various ways in which they could be appropriately adjusted for one’s teaching situation; the knowledge gained through this programme could also be used in adult education contexts (Lifelong Learning Centres, Second Chance Schools etc.).

In short, this programme is called the ‘ELF-GATE Project’ after the initials of the key concepts it revolves around, namely, English as a lingua franca (ELF) and Globalisation and Technology in English language teaching.

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